Friday, February 20, 2009


Wow, sorry it's been so long since I've posted! I have been running and it feels great!! I have a few more aches and pains then I did before, but hopefully those will go away as I continue. I have only gotten one outdoor run in so far this winter. It has been soooo cold!! I have a nasty chest cold that doesn't want to go away either. The day I did run outside, I was coughing like crazy the rest of the day. It felt great though, harder then a treadmill that's for sure!
I have been running on the treadmill at my local Planet Fitness and it gets a little boring, but I can usually keep myself occupied with my Ipod or something on one of the 10 TV's. I read that you can better simulate outdoor running by setting your treadmill at 1% incline, so I have been doing that. I usually have been doing 3-4 miles during the week, and weekends a little longer. Whatever my training tells me to do. I have a run coming up in the month of March. Oshkosh has a Fratello's 5, they have either a 5 or 2 mile route and it goes along the Wiouwash Trail. I did it last year (the first year) and look forward to doing it again. I do remember it being a little chilly that day, so hoping it is a little warmer! That is on March 21st I believe. Anyone interested, you could stop in at the Run Away Shoes store in Oshkosh and get more info or sign up, I would think. Last year they gave a nice pint glass instead of another t-shirt. And they had music and food before and after. We were able to warm up in the lounge and they had the food and a coupon for a free beer in the glass.
Well, I will let this be all. Run safe and stay warm!

"Don't Pass Me....I'm not in your Age Group"

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  1. So did you get your free beer after your run? Ha ha ha!